Friday, June 1, 2007

Sick :(

I always feel so awful when I don't post, but last night I got so sick I was in no shape to think, much less sit in front of a computer and type. I don't want to get graphic, so let's just say it wasn't pretty. My poor DH -- he couldn't do anything but he tried to make me feel better and he stayed up way too late so I wouldn't be miserable all by myself. So now we're both exhausted, but at least I'm feeling better and the weekend is coming up so I'll have even more time to recuperate.

I didn't get much stamping done last night either. I started another challenge card but then I was on the phone with a new stamping friend and after i hung up I started feeling bad, so the card lays in pieces in my stamp room. I stamped the card I'm showing you here last Sunday for my cousin and her family. She had her second son in December (yes, you're reading that right) but we haven;t seen them since then. They were hosting one of the BBQs this weekend so I quickly made a card and wrapping paper for the baby gift. I like the way the card turned out, both inside and out. It's rather simple, bit that's not always a bad thing (especially when you're stamping on the fly). what I really liked is using the sentiments from Polka Dots and paisley "Find joy in the little things" combined with the inside sentiment "It' s the little things that matter most". I really hope polka dots and paisley doesn't retire just so I can use that sentiment combo again !
Well, that's that. I have to get ready for work. I'll try to have something a little more exciting for you tonight.


Elizabeth said...

oh No! So sorry you were sick! But I do love this little card. I might have to borrow that wheel for a swap I am doing!

hope you feel better today!

jojo said...

Sorry you are/weren't feeling well! The card is so cute! I love making matching wrapping paper to match cards.
Feel better.