Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sherbet Anyone?

When my husband saw this card he said "looks like Sherbet!" And he's right! These colors do look yummy together. Of course, whenever I think of Sherbet I think of my 6th grade English teacher who tried to drill into all of us that there is no second "R" in the word sherbet. "Sure Burt is what you say to a guy when he asks you out on a date" she used to say. It was both funny and effective -- to this day I always pronounce sherbet correctly!

But I digress. This card is what happens when I get stamper's block and all I can think about are those darned square steps corner punch medallions. This time I tried to see what would happen if I layered several of these over one another, and here you go. A square steps corner medallion on steroids! For the rest of the card I just stamped the heart from the Simply Said kit for the center of the medallion and added the sentiment. I thought the medallion was decorative enough that the card really didn't need anything else, which made it a super quick and easy card to make! Hmm . . . can you say workshop card? LOL!

Edited to add: So many people have asked for more detailed directions on how to make this card that I thoughtit woul dbe easier if I just posted them here:

Here are the dimenstions for the three square layers in the medallion: Regal Rose 2.75", Certaily Celery 2.5", Almost Apricot 2.25". The certainly celery strip is 7/8" wide.

The tutorial for how to make the medallion can be found here. The instructions in the tutorial call for a 2" square, but the method works with any size square -- just follow the same steps.

Also please note that on this card the rose and celery squares are used so that the solid triangles in the turned corners of the medallions are seen from the front and the apricot medallion is used in the opposite way -- so that the solid triangles are tucked in the back. I hope that makes sense. I think it will if you look at the close up of the picture.

If you are a demo and want to use this card for a workshop, please just follow the terms of my copyright policy. And if you like the card please leave a comment -- it's always nice to hear that someone likes the card enough to CASE it! Thanks!


Lynda said...

Wonderful! Orange, lime and raspberry sherbert-just perfect for summertime!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Love the layered punch medallions.


Sarah said...

It sure does! Love it!

Stamingprincess said...

love this card...firs time ar your blog.

Jackie said...

Wow - that's wonderful! I love the colors and the way you layered the punches!

Mary said...

Gorgeous design and beautiful colors!! I love it!