Saturday, June 9, 2007

A tortured sketch

Before I show you the tortured sketch, I just wanted to post a photo of a couple more cards from the designer paper One Sheet Wonder. Actually, these cards were originally supposed to have more designer paper on them, but I decided it wasn't necessary. The single 1/4 inch stripe makes enough or an impact just on its own. Both of these layouts would be great for using those tiny strips of either designer paper or card stock left over from your other projects!
And here is the tortured sketch. For whatever, reason, I've been really hung up on both this sketch and the idea of paper piecing flowers. Tonight I had the idea to rotate the sketch 90 degrees. Can I hear "That's a lousy idea?" Well, as it turns out, it was in fact a really lousy idea. It actually may have worked if I chose to use another stamp set, but I was really determined to use this birthday best set. In the end, the card just looks weird and I probably should not have posted it here for all the world to see, but I always loved outtakes and bloopers so I wouldn't dream of depriving you of this gem from my very own blooper reel. ;-). Have a great Saturday!


Holly said...

oh, that card is not so bad! It's good to know that you suffer from not liking some of your cards too though. I think you just played with it so much that you can't see it for how it really looks.

lacyquilter said...

I think it's cool. I love when people do something unusual with a stamp set.

Tracy said...

Diane~It's funny how different people see different things when they look at somehthing because before I even read your journaling I fell in love with this card. I think it's great. Maybe I'm just twisted that way I don't know but I don't think it is a blooper at all.