Tuesday, August 12, 2008

CD/DVD holder tutorial

Last week I gave you a sneak preview of this project and provided a recipe for the front decoration. Today it's time for the step by step tutorial for this CD/DVD holder, which could be used as a Christmas card, a great wedding/shower favor or a super present for anyone celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation -- just about any occasion.
You start with a 6x11.5" piece of card stock, scored lengthwise at .5 and 5.5 inches and width wise at 5 and 10 inches.

You will need to cut off the 1/2" side flaps along the 1.5x5" tab and along the 5x5" tab on the other side, and cut the remaining flaps at an angle. The final piece should look like the photo.
To cut the slot for the closure tab to fit into you need to make a template. Take a piece of card stock 5" by 2.25" and cut 2 holes approximately .5" from the edges using the word window punch and inserting the card stock all the way in.
After punching the two holes on the sides, use the word window punch to connect the holes and create one continuous slot.
Make sure that the smaller distance from the edge of the slot to the edge of the template is 12 inch. If necessary, trim the template to get this measurement.

Place a 1.5x5" piece of light colored card stock behind the template and use marker to mark 2 dots at the very edges of the slot as shown in photo.
Use the ruler to draw straight lines from the corners through the centers of the marked dots. Cut along these lines. This will be the template for the closure tab.
Use the closure tab template to draw lines on the closure tab of your project and either cut the tab along the template or draw a thin pencil cut line and cut along the line. Place the slot template along the 5x5" flap on the other side and draw a line inside the slot. use word window punch to punch out the outlined slot.
This is what the project should look like after the cutting and punching.

Take a 5.5x5" piece of card stock, score it at 1/2 inch along the 5.5 side and use 1 1/4" circle punch to punch a semicircle in the center of the card stock on the side that is not scored. Fold along the score line so that the card stock looks like the photo.

Fold the other piece of card stock so that it looks like the photo.
Use sticky strip or mono multi on the folded flap of the 5.5x5" piece of card stock.
Align the card stock along the fold between the two 5x5" panels on the body of the project.
If you're using mono-multi and some of the glue seeps out, it is very important that you remove as much of the adhesive as possible. Here you see me using the adhesive eraser to get rid of excess adhesive. If you do not do this you risk your CD envelope being stuck together.

Add sticky strip or mono multi adhesive to the 1/2" flaps on the main body of the project as shown in photo. Press the other card stock flap down and secure.
This is what the project should look like on the inside.
And this is what it should look like on the outside when closed.
Take a piece of 4.75x4.75" piece of card stock. Add sticky strip or mono multi to the card stock, being sure you do not add it 1.5 inches form one side (as shown in photo).
Adhere this card stock centered on the front of the CD holder, making sure that the card stock without adhesive is over the word window slot.
To close the CD holder slip tab underneath the centered card stock and into the slot.
This is what the project looks like closed. Now you can decorate it. See the top photo for a decorated version.
And this is what the CD holder looks like open. In this project you could add your personal greetings to the pink pirouette card stock inside.
I hope you enjoyed this tutorial -- I sure had fun designing the project and sharing it with you. I know I promised a photo of the wedding favor version, but I'm having some technical difficulties, so I will have to post that tomorrow.


Tracey said...

Yay! Now I don't need to open up the one I got from you at convention. ~:-)

Holly said...

This is great Diane! I can think of so many uses for this!