Wednesday, March 28, 2007

That was creepy!

I haven't had a chance to watch ANTM yet, so that discussion will have to wait until tomorrow, but did you see Lost! Wow! What a creepy ending. I won't give it away just in case you haven;t watched it yet, but let me say this was a cool episode. Definitely makes me want to dig out my DVD of Season 1, KWIM? There were definitely some plot holes, but overall it was far more interesting than watching the Others. Plus we saw the return of some characters that we thought were gone, so that was neat. And, of course, lots of Hurley and Sawyer -- do you remember me mentioning last week that those two were the only ones who could save the show? Well, I'm still thinking you can't go wrong focusing on these two. (Though, to be fair, the previews of next week looked pretty good too).

OK, enough about TV and on to some stamping talk. Tonight I'm featuring the last of the Four Seasons Inspiration Sheet class projects -- four 3x3 cards with envelopes and a little tote to hold them all. I designed the tote to serve as a gift bag -- there's even a tag on the front to write in the name of the recipient. How happy could you make someone by giving them this tote with the little cards inside? It's so cute! And, of course, it all coordinates because I used the four seasons designer papers which coordinate with Stampin' Up! exclusive color families. Plus I used the Perennial Favorites stamp set, which coordinates with the designer paper. Totally awesome -- there's no need to think about what will go with what, because Stampin' Up! already did the thinking for you.
These photos show two different views of the tote -- front and form the to, to show how the buckle opens and all the cards inside. Each of the card is decorated with paper and stamps from a different season. Don't they look cute together?
Don't forget, you have until Monday to guess which stamp sets I chose as my free stuff from Glenda. The lucky winner -- either the person who gets it right or, if no one does, than a random winner -- will get an assortment of 6 SU inspiration sheets. Just leave a comment with your guess.

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Lisa said...

This is SO cute! I love how the little flap on the tote closes so everything stays tucked inside. And the cards that go with it are just adorable, too! Great job! :)