Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's pastel embossing, baby!

First of all, can you believe the stuff that happened on Grey's Anatomy tonight? I know that's not exactly stamp-related, but I was stamping this card while watching -- LOL! Is anyone out there as annoyed with Izzie as I am? Feel free to comment below.
OK, now back to stamping. As promised, this card features another pastel technique -- pastel embossing. This is a great technique, especially when you want the look of color embossing but don't have the exact right color of embossing powder or craft ink. So, as you've probably guessed by now, the colors on the embossed letters in this card were added with stampin' pastels. I only wish I could take a photo that did this technique justice because, unfortunately, this particular picture does not show how cute this card is in real life. I like how it's a twist on traditional baby cards -- bright primary colors created with pastels!


Joanne B. said...

I was doing the same thing, stamping and watching that show. And, was horrified by Izzy's behavior. I mean, really, could that man make any worse choices? This is, the second time. Well, the third if you cound his crazy marriage. I swear, he's a glutton for punishment. However, I do hope that this turns out a little better than his "escapade" with Meredith. eesh.

PS - Your card is beautiful!

Joan said...

I've never seen Grey's Anatomy!! Is that ok?? But I love baby cards that are not traditional and this is adora ble. I've got to try the poppin pastels again, when i do it I make a bit of a mess! Those giraffes are sooo cute!