Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Fever

OK, I know this is a stamping blog, but before I get to stamping can I just say that the photo session on tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model was really disturbing and that I am once again so very disappointed in the actions of John Locke on Lost?

I'm not sure what a public admission that I actually watch ANTM will do to my credibility with you, my readers, especially since I could be watching Bones instead, but for some reason this is the last reality show that I somehow can't give up. Then again, if the photo shoots continue to be as macabre as the one tonight, giving the show up may be easier than I thought. Anyone else out there think that posing these girls as if they killed each other is just a little too sick?

And on Lost, John Locke used to be one of my favorite characters. Then last season the writers reduced him, literally, to a button pusher. This season I thought he might be returning more to the character we knew and loved in season 1, but that hope was destroyed tonight. It's too bad, really. That show had so much unrealized potential, but too many characters were added in and too many questions went unanswered and now I'm not even sure I care what the answers are. I will still continue to watch every week, because things may change, but the glow is definitely gone for me. The only things that could save it now would be a few episodes in a row centered around Sawyer and Hurley.

The good news is that no matter the quality of the TV shows tonight, I still had a little time to stamp and I was able to finish the projects for the Spring Fever bundle class. Not to toot my own horn, but I really like the way they turned out. The Polka Dots & Paisley stamp set, the Petals wheel and the Polka Dots & Petals double sided designer paper just go so well together -- designing projects using these products is a snap!

The April spring fever bundle class will be open to everyone in April, though anyone who takes advantage of the Polka Dots & Paisley Bundle special in March will be able to attend this class at a reduced fee. Please see my web site for more information about the class and the special.

I really had a lot of fun stamping these projects, and the best thing is all the cards and the magnet picture frame will fit into the tote, so it's a terrific way to store them or to package them as a hostess, mother's day or teacher's appreciation gift. Tune in throughout the coming week for more detailed photos of each card. Registration deadline for the class is April 6, but you must contact me on or before March 31 to take advantage of the Polka Dots & Paisley Bundle special.

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