Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pullin' Pastels

I love the Pullin' Pastels technique. It's so simple yet so magical. Find out why at my Technique Tuesday stampin' pastel class, where we'll be using the pullin' pastels technique to create the background on this card. I'll be posting the other class projects here throughout the week, so keep checking in!

I also wanted to post this photo from last Saturday's party pieces scrap class. Look familiar? The photographs and journaling aren't affixed yet, but that's one of my scrap map layouts from an earlier post translated into a real scrap page. I know it's not the "be all and end all," but considering I don't scrap I think it's pretty cool!
And the best part is that it was put together by Wendi, a first time stamper! Wendi is a scrapping dynamo, and I have this feeling that just as I introduced her to the use of stamps in her scrapbooks, she's going to convince me to broaden my horizons beyond cards and into scrapping. How fun!

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