Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Since no one wanted to offer any suggestions as to what stamps I should get from Glenda, and I have absolutely no patience when it comes to ordering free stamps, I went ahead and selected two sets. But I won't announce what they are until Monday, so if you want to take a guess those 6 inspiration sheets are still up for grabs! Just leave a comment with your guess and the first person who guesses right will win. And if no one guesses right I'll still give the inspiration sheets away t one of the readers who left a comment at random!

In the meantime, here are two photos of another project from the four seasons inspiration sheet class. But these photos look totally different, you say? How can they be photos of the same project? Well, they are photos of a little desktop scrapbook frame made out of two 4x4" chipboard coasters attached with card stock "hinges". The front side is decorated with winter and spring papers and the back is decorated with summer and fall. There are spaces left on each side for a small photo -- about wallet size, and some extra space for journaling.
I call this a scrapbook frame because the pictures are attached right to the designer paper with adhesive -- you don't actually slide anything into a frame. But if you want to switch out the pictures you can use temporary adhesive, like dotto!
The great thing about this frame is that you'll get to see cool pictures no matter which side of the desk you're sitting on and you can flip the frame around depending on the season. Pretty cool, huh? Check my Stampin' Up! web site for details! Hope to see you at class!

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mjb coffee said...

O.K. I finally looked at my catalog. Loads of Love and Loads of Love Accessaries would be a great puchase with your winnings. Second choice would be All Wrapped Up and All Wrapped Up Accessaries, plus a Ticket Corner punch.