Monday, March 26, 2007

Of pinwheels and favors

Since I'm completely wired from my big win tonight (see my other post, below) I decided to share not one but two four seasons designer inspiration sheet class projects. The first is a card featuring pinwheels made out of the double sided paper.
Pinwheels are awesome -- remember when you were a kid and you used to have a pinwheel on a stick and what fun it was to watch it spin in the wind? Well, these pinwheels don't spin, but they still take me back to that happy and carefree time of my life. And they're perfect for featuring both sides of the designer paper!
On this sample I cut out the stem and leaves freehand out of old olive card stock, but I think at class we'll stamp these, perhaps with the Fresh Flowers set. I found that freehand cutting is not as easy as it looks and adhering these small pieces of card stock tot he card base can be a challenge as well. So at class we'll avoid that challenge by stamping our greens. :-)
The second project is a little party favor pouch. The one I made is filled with kisses, but you could just as easily fill it up with jelly beans, jolly ranchers, or any other small candy. The double sided paper is enough in itself to make an adorable favor pouch, but the leaf medallion really makes it look sharp! Just imaging making these for your Thanksgiving guests. How excited would they be to receive such a lovely gift? And, to make these even more useful, you could tuck in the name of each guests into the back of the pouch, making these do double duty as place card holders.
If you like these two projects, be sure to sign up for the Four Seasons Inspiration Sheet class on April 21. See my web site for more details.

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