Monday, September 10, 2007

Yeah, it's a little weird

Tonight I attended a demonstrator meeting at my upline's house. Jen organizes these meetings for her downline every once in a while so that we can do our recognition, cover some business topics and, of course, stamp! We had a great time and I could have posted photos of the projects we stamped, which were really cute, but when I came home tonight I just felt the need to stamp a little something extra.

And this is the final result of that creative urge. As the title suggests, yeah, it's a little weird. But even though I recognize its weirdness, I still kind of like it. Go figure!

The whole card is stamped with the pick-a-petal set. the brocade blue base is stamped with the circles in brocade blue ink./ The bashful blue triangle layer is stamped with the solid flower in bashful blue ink. the petal outlines are stamped on the cameo coral layer in came coral ink and the cameo on came flower center is punched out with the 1" circle punch. The second layer of petals is stamped on bashful blue card stock in brocade blue ink. The cameo coral layer is adhered to a creamy caramel base and a bashful blue taffeta ribbon is used as an accent at the bottom of the creamy caramel layer.

Other than the bizarre color combination, this card does not scream "Diane stamped me," or at least it doesn't scream that to me. Maybe that's why I like it?

Since you may not actually want to comment on this card, I thought I would pose a question today. I'm curious how my regular readers, i.e. those familiar with my cards, would describe my stamping style. I've thought about it a lot, actually, and I can't think of a good description except eclectic. Do any of you have a better idea? Please share! Thanks!


Liz said...

I think your last few designs have been eclectic... but much of your work is rather classic card making design.. at least I think! either way.. I like looking at them every day!

This card is out of your usual color palette, but I like it! different. Very springy.. i think!

have a good day!

Crafty Connie said...

What I have seen so far is classic/elegant. The most recent posts I would label as eclectic. Perhaps because of the color combos. Either way, I enjoy the inspiration that your blog gives and hope that you will continue to post your excellent designs.

Deborah said...

Versatile! Classic comes to mind as mentioned. I admire your cards Diane! Deb