Sunday, May 20, 2007

Stamp With Diane GiftRAK

As I mentioned last weekend, Every once in a while I will award one of my readers a little gift. This is not blog candy in the traditional sense, in that you never enter anything to win any specific item. Instead, on occasion I will have a little something to give away and I will choose a name out of my blog subscribers and people who have left a comment in the 30 days prior as a recipient of the GiftRAK. If you are the winner and you either don't like or would have no use for the particular gift, just let me know and I will select another person. There will be absolutely no hard feelings. I don't enter many blog candy drawings because I don't use the particular "candy" being offered and I don't want to win something in the place of someone who would get a lot more enjoyment from the prize. Since I run the GiftRAK a little differently, you don;t have a choice to "opt out" of a particular prize pool, so please don;t think twice about telling me that a particular prize if just no up you alley.

So this evening I have e-mailed the winner of the first GiftRAK. If that person elects to pass, I will randomly draw again until I find a willing recipient. And what is the gift? I bet you could guess. What's been my absolutely favorite project to make, lately? That's right, I'm giving away a flip book. I created another book out of the Just Delightful Simply Scrappin' kit and will e-mail it to the lucky "winner". You can see photos of the original Here: The new one is almost an exact replica, with just a few different details.

I know a hand-stamped item may not be as much of a "fun" gift as a free stamp set, but these flip books really are a riot. Plus they make great gifts and if the recipient chooses to re-gift to another one of his or her friends or family well, that's just fine with me.

I will let you know who won as soon as I have confirmation from a willing gift recipient :-). Isn't the suspense just killing you?


doverdi said...

Who wouldn't want one of your amazing flip books. They are awesome.

Connie said...

I'm addicted to any kind of books so ya I would certainly enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

A hand stamped item is a more amazing gift than you might think. It is awesome that you would take the time to make a book for someone else to enjoy! Plus, the lucky recipient can use it for inspiration!