Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Shoebox Swap Spoiler

If you're one of the people attending my shoebox swap tomorrow and you don't want to see one of the cards you'll be stamping, stop reading now!

OK. If you're still here I must assume that you either are not attending the swap or you don't mind a sneak peak, so here is the card. The goal of this swap was to design cards that could easily be used as make and takes at a workshop filled with new stampers. I think this card fits the bill because it is made with only the basic black ink pad and several stampin' write markers. The markers are used to color the image, kind of the way we used to when we were in kindergarten. I figure if 6 year olds can handle this, so can a bunch of beginner stampers!

I used a stampin' write marker with a spritzer tool to create the background around the chef. Now, this would potentially be tricky, except that I made a mask of the chef and the food and used 2 way glue on the back. 2 way glue is a great product in that when left to dry completely it becomes a temporary and positionable adhesive. So if you put it on the back of a mask, you can keep using the mask again and again.

I stamped the "welcome" sentiment on the red strip, although it's difficult to see it in the picture. I think this would make a cute card for someone new moving into your neighborhood, especially when delivered with a homemade goodies! I just hope the swappers like it!


paperartschicago said...


You've just made up my mind about this set! I want it! Great card and it has such a professional look to it! Thanks for sharing! Any room left at the swap??


Elizabeth said...

I like it! see you tonight!

dd2njoy said...

Wish I could attend your class,My sister in law collects those chefs she would love one of those cards!
Oh well I'm too far from you.
It's a beautiful card!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I missed this blog entry 'cause you can be sure I would have raved and raved over this card. Beautiful. I even have this set!