Friday, May 18, 2007

Snowflake Punch hearts

There's nothing I like more than discovering a new use for something I already own. Having tools that do double duty is great -- it saves space and it makes me feel better about my investment. So you can imagine how excited I was this week when I found that my snowflake punch is not just for winter anymore!

Here's a little tutorial of what I discovered. Maybe all of you figured this out long ago, but it was quite a thrill for me.

You start off with a piece of card stock to be used either for a sentiment or a main image on a card that might call for small hearts. You then trim a piece of contrasting color card stock to the same size, and one piece 1/4" larger in each direction for a mat.

After you stamp your image or sentiment, you insert just the edge of the stamped piece of card stock into the snowflake punch. As you can tell in this picture, you're inserting the corner into one of the "y" shaped pieces of one of the snowflake sides. Line up the card stock so that you can see a card stock heart when you look through the upside-down punch. Squeeze the punch to trim off the corner.

Repeat on all four corners. When you're done your stamped card stock should look like the piece of card stock in this photo.

Adhere the stamped piece of card stock to the contrasting color piece of card stock of exactly the same size. You should be able to see four contracting hearts in the corners!

Now mat the stamped piece on the larger piece of card stock and attach to your card. It's a small little detail that no one but you may notice, but I thought it was really cool.

On this card I paired the sentiment from A New Little Someone with a background on the card base stamped with the small hearts background from Petite Patterns. I created the main image using the Wash Day Stampin' Around Jumbo Wheel. Both of these sets and the wheel will retire at the end of June, so if you still don't own them call me soon to order yours!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how you can punch a little love into your projects by using the snowflake punch in this non-traditional way!


Tracy said...

Diane, you are brillant beyond brillant. Thanks for sharing! Have fun at the stamp camp.

paperartschicago said...

Yes that's a great way to use punches! That detail is what makes your cards so beautiful. Thanks Diane.

doverdi said...

How creative is this one. Love what you did with this punch and that you are sharing with us.

dd2njoy said...

Great idea Diane!!! You've got wonderful ideas,just love your blog>