Thursday, May 10, 2007

Purple Reign

As most of my regular readers know by now, I like to post something new every night. Some nights, however, I face a serious dilemma. Like tonight, for example. I spent most of the night cleaning and setting up the stamp room for Bedlam tomorrow. (I still have room so if you'd like to attend click here for details). This left me with virtually no time to stamp. But I also did not have any "spare" projects to feature tonight, so if I didn't stamp anything, I would have nothing to show you.

I decided that the best solution wold be to stamp a very quick card. I used my new Simply Said stamp set that I earned recently for free through a Stampin' Up! demonstrator program called consistency counts. I've had my eye on this set for a while, so I was thrilled to select it as a free set!

I challenged myself to make a card out of the box of scraps given to me by my up-up-upline, Glenda Travelstead. Glenda has no patience for scraps but she knows that I adore them so every once in a while after she cleans out her stamp room I inherit the scraps. She gave me the first box when I signed up to be a demo and it has sort of turned into a tradition. Funny story about that first box -- I received it on a Friday night and spent a good part of my Saturday sorting it all into the right color folders. All the papers were piled into 50+ different heaps in the living room and the TV was on in the background. My husband came in and couldn't believe what I was watching -- apparently some sort of a wild west-cowboy marathon on the history channel. I was so engrossed in my scraps that I turned on the TV, but tuned it out immediately to the point that I didn't even know what was on! Now that's scraps dedication!

Tonight I reached into the box of scraps and first pulled out a 1/2 sheet of lovely lilac. I then kept digging to see what else I could find that would sort of all go together. I came up with this combination of various shades of purple -- lovely lilac, lavender lace, vintage violet and orchid opulence. I added the vintage violet stitched grosgrain ribbon and the wrought iron corner punch for interest.

So what's the dilemma? Well, I'm not sure that I love this card. But it's the only thing I have to show you. To post, or not to post -- that is the question, which by now has been answered. I decided to post even thought I do not particularly like the card. I apologize if you think this was a wrong decision and a waste of your time. My thought was that different people appreciate different things, and someone out there may just appreciate this card. Tomorrow evening I will be working on a special project for the Friends of the Itasca Community Library, and I hope that will be much more interesting! Have a great Friday!


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,

I love the card! It is a soothing color and I would describe it as a "comforting" card. Love the title you gave it. I felt like swaying my hands in the air - a lifetime ago I went to see PRINCE. LOL :)


Anonymous said...

Well I like it lots and lots!

have a great day!

dd2njoy said...

Hey Diane,Love what you did with this! I wish I had a friend that would give me great scraps like that! lol !!!
I like it alot,why throw beautiful scraps away when you can do awesome work like you do...TFS!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh please like ever have a card that isn't great! As expected your card even thrown together at the last min. is wonderful. And I have to tell you I love the word games and info on your site even if it is not about stamping I play the match game everyday after I read what is new on the blog. Thanks for keeping my mind going.