Monday, April 30, 2007

Sharing projects I love

Tonight I wanted to share some cards created by other cool folks. This first project is a baby announcement made by a first-time stamper who literally had only a 10 minute stamping "class" from me before she ordered all the materials she needed to make these birth announcements for her new granddaughter. I wish I could take the credit for the design, but it's a design copied directly out of the Idea Book and Catalog -we just changed the colors from blue to pink! I think the announcements came out great, and her new granddaughter is just adorable. Wouldn't you agree?
This second project was created by my good friend as an invitation to her son's birthday party. This too is a copy of a design featured in last year's summer mini, though Diana did slightly modify the invitation insert and gave the cowboy a cool little striped shirt with her markers. She also used the Cowboy Kid stamp set (not available right now, but could possibly be available again in July -- cross your fingers!) to stamp the favor gift bags for all the kids who attended the party. So cool!

This last card was designed by one of my fellow SISers -- Dawn Mondro. I loved it so much I copied it for my all occasion card club. I didn't have the It's Your Birthday set, so I had to modify the design somewhat, but I kept the layout the same and, most important of all, I kept the glitter. The glitter really just makes this card pop! You can see my version of this design in yesterday's post.

Don't forget, this year's retirement list is coming out tomorrow! I can't wait! And now that April is almost over, it's also almost time to draw the winners of the subscriber and referral drawings. I have a meeting tomorrow night so I won;t be able to draw then, but I will try to do it Wednesday or Thrusday and, as promised, will post the winners here. Stay tuned!

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DawnM said...

Wow, Thanks Diane! My card looks neat on the web. What an honor. And I looked for your version and it looks great too! Your blog is fun. I'm gonna check it often.