Wednesday, April 4, 2007

RAK from Sara and stamper's block

The first thing I just had to share with everyone tonight is this totally awesome Easter card I just got from my sideline Sara. Isn't it great? That little bunny is so precious, with the little pink bow and nose. And how beautiful is that scalloped edge with the colored brads? The whole card is just awesome! Thanks Sara!

Sara is obviously a very talented stamper, and a kind one at that, as she actually sends out the cards she makes instead of hoarding them lie I do. She and I have a lot of fun together -- just ask me about setting eyelets at the Schaumburg Starbucks and my brilliant plan to distract the other patrons from the noise! Yup -- the two of us sure bring out the goofy in each other, but isn't that what life and good friends are all about? (Edited to Add: Sara apparently reads my blog too (waving Hi!) and wanted me to let everyone know that she CASED a design by Cambria Turnbow for this card. Cambria is another uber talented stamper and you can see more of her creations on her blog).

And now I'm dismayed to report that I'm suffering from a serious case of stampers' block. Last night, in an effort to create a card for the blog, I stamped quite possibly the ugliest card in the universe. Trying not to get too discouraged, I left that card in the trash can, where I assure you it belonged, promising to come back tonight. Well, unfortunately, inspiration didn't exactly strike overnight. The card I created today doesn't quite take the "ugliest" title, but it sure as heck isn't pretty. (Or, rather, the problem may be that it is just a bit too pretty.)

I was trying to create a nice and simple Father's Day card, and I think I did, if your father is Robin Williams in The Birdcage. Or am I being too stereotypical when I assume that the pink stripes make this card just a little too feminine? Anyone out there willing to give me honest, constructive criticism? Feel free to leave a comment!

I'll try stamping again tomorrow and maybe something will finally gel. Cross your fingers!

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StampingontheLakefront said...

Hi Diane,

Love the bunny card - too cute!

As for the stamper's block, pick up a paper or card magazine and have a nice cup of coffee and you'll fine yourself back in the swing of things. Try to relax and your creativity will surprise you.
Have a wonderful day.

grace from chicago