Sunday, April 22, 2007


You know what they say about the best laid plans. I swear, every time I try to plan something in advance there is always some kind of a glitch or problem, and I end up having to make changes. I guess May is not going to be any different. So this is to let you know that I'm making a couple of changes to the May schedule of events.
The Cinco De Mayo Punch Brunch is still going forward, but I've had a lot of people mention that they really liked the pink card and wanted the option of making that card. then someone reminded me that this year May 5 is National Scrapbooking day, and here I'm doing a program with just cards. So the bad news is the program is getting just a little more complicated. The good news is that anyone attending will now get to choose the 4 projects they want to make. But I will need to know the selections at the time of registration and these selections will be final on May 1.
The projects you can choose from are the four cards shown at the bottom of the April 20 post, this card from the April 19 post, and the 6x6 scrap page shown above. As befitting a punch brunch, all 6 projects feature different Stampin' up! punches. The price is still $10 or free with $45 purchase of Stampin' Up! products, but now you can also attend for $5.00 with a $25 purchase of Stampin' Up! products.
I really hope you like the scrap page I designed with the punches. I wanted a flower theme, since May is known for flowers, and it was fun creating the different flowers from punched shapes.


StampingontheLakefront said...

Wow Diane! The page is awesome. Your so wonderful for accomodating so many different requests. I know it gets difficult trying to juggle different projects and then giving people choices adds another layer of complexity. I'm sure punch brunch will be huge hit!!

grace ;)

Tracy said...

OH MAN....these aren't fair choices...I love them all. But it's okay. Diane the page is fabulous! I think I have my husband convinced to let me attend YIPPEE!!!

Elizabeth Ecsy said...

Diane! that is awesome. i never thought to do flowers with those punches! Wish I could come to the class, but unfortunately I am out of town that weekend!

thanks for the inspiration!

Sara said...

WOW! WHAT A PAGE!! and you say u dont scrapbook!