Thursday, April 12, 2007

Last Office Accoutrements card

This card was designed by Glenda Travelstead, although she used slightly different colors and designer papers. But I totally fell in love with this file folder look so I just had to copy this design for the Office Accoutrement class.

I didn't actually circle any dates on the front of the card, so that it can be ready for any occasion. I also left the inside blank, and I will stamp a sentiment in the card right before I'm ready to give it out.

I think that's my favorite thing about the Office Accouterments stamp set -- it makes it so easy to customize a card for just about any occasion. All you need to do to create a special custom card is to highlight the appropriate date on the front of the card and insert the applicable sentiment onto the "memo" image either inside or outside of the card or on the scrap page. You can also use the memo stamp for journaling. Totally awesome!

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