Saturday, April 21, 2007

How to make a square steps corner punch medallion

For two days in a row now I uploaded cards using the square steps medallion, and yesterday Steph asked for a tutorial. Well, tutorials are not really my thing, but this is such a small project I thought I would give it a shot. So here goes.

Step 1: Start with a 2x2 square of designer paper or card stock. Here I'm using one of the patterns from the Four Seasons Double Sided Designer Paper pack.

Step 2 --hold your punch upside down and slip in the square all the way until the corner is up to the corner guide. Punch. Repeat on all four corners.
This is what the paper looks like when all four corners have been punched.
Step 3. Push each of the punched corners to the back of the card stock so that the flip side of the paper shows in the front. This technique creates the most dramatic effect when the pattern is very different on both sides of your square (like here).
This is what the medallion looks like with all of the corners pushed back. Now attach something to the center (on my cards I attached flowers punched with the spring bouquet card). That's it. You're done.
Hope this mini tutorial was helpful. This is just one of the really cool things that can be done with the square steps corner punch. It's really a very versatile punch and cool for both card making and scrapping!


Jean said...

Thank you so much Diane for sharing this little project - I nicked off and made one - soo easy when you know how LOL.

Love the monochromatic cards very much!!

Cheers, Jean

Anonymous said...

Yay! Thanks so much for this tutorial. It is so neat and maybe I can show it off at a workshop and convince people that this punch is a need rather than a want. Thnks so much for sharing!

StampingontheLakefront said...

Very cool Diane! You did great on your tutorial! 174 hmmmm getting down there :)

Have a Happy Sunday!


laos348 said...

Very neat idea - thanks for explaining it!

Tracy said...

Diane~You are a ROCKSTAR! Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to thank you again for this tutorial and let you know that I made a card and posted it on my blog if you are interested in looking!

Vera said...

Awesome tutorial and awesome idea, Diane! I love it!

Tex said...

Great job on your 'toot'!
I just hate to see this punch leave our SU catty, just when it's regaining "new life". *sigh*