Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Directions for triangle box

I apologize for not including more details on yesterday's triangle box. I'm not trying to keep any secrets. It's just a case of not realizing that this idea, which is "old" to me, may be completely new to some of you. Here's a quick and dirty verbal explanation of how to make the box.

Take a 3.5x8.5 piece of card stock and fold it in half (each half should measure 3.5x4.25". Find and mark the midpoint (1.75") on each of the short sides and score lines between that midpoint and both outside points of the center fold. When you're done the card stock should have a diamond shape in the center. Now just fold the four triangles on the outside of the diamond in towards the fold and fold the card stock together until the edge of the triangles meet up to form a triangular box shape. Punch holes in the sides and close the box by threading a ribbon through the holes.

I sure do hope the above made sense. Good luck!

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