Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gift Card Holder

To everyone who subscribes to my blog updates via e-mail -- my apologies. I've been having horrible problems with my PC for a few months now and today the crashes just kept coming and coming relentlessly. Finally I gave up and came to work on my lap top, but the photo editing software I have installed here is awful -- it takes two programs to do what I can do in one on my PC, which means at least twice as much time, which means I missed my midnight feedblitz deadline. Sorry!

To everyone else, never mind.

This was another card we made at Wednesday's gift card/money holder class. The front of the card may look familiar. That's because I CASEd it shamelessly from a card I made at Glenda's stamp camp a couple of months ago. I liked it so much I saw no need to reinvent the wheel and used the exact design except for the card orientation. I needed the card orientation to be horizontal instead of vertical for the gift card holder inside to work. Anyway, since I already talked about pretty much this very same card earlier, I'll just move right on to the inside.

And the inside is so easy! All you need is a piece of 3.75" x 5" card stock (in this case whisper white). This is the perfect size to allow you to punch two tabs by inserting the slit punch all the way in on each of the sides, leaving just enough room between to slip in a gift card (as shown in the photo). To pretty this up a bit, I stamped the edges with the three flower stamp form the Live Your Dream set. But basically that's it. Make two tabs and snail the card stock inside your standard size card. Pretty cool, huh?


Renee said...

So cute! I'll have to try this. I love your layout and colors :)

Liz S. said...

So sorry about your PC problems, but I did laugh when I got to the "To everyone else" part!

Thanks for sharing the gift card holders!!

LeAnne said...

Great idea! I love this!