Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another gift certificate holder

Tonight I had a play date with my friend Barb -- we went to see Baby Mama and then went out for ice cream at Uncle Harry's (the best ice cream parlor in the world!) The movie was great -- very funny but also poignant. The perfect movie to see with a girlfriend. It was perfect to see it with Barb because neither of our husbands wanted anything to do with this type of movie, so we had a fun girls' night out. We decided we needed to do this more often so we made plans to see "You don't mess with the Zohan" when that comes out. Barb's sister will come out with us for that one too, so we'll have a great time. Can't wait!

Anyway, I didn't have time to stamp or photograph my new stuff tonight, so I'm reaching into my projects from earlier in the month that I never had a chance to upload. This was another gift certificate holder. I used Groovy Guava for the base and ginger blossom paper to decorate the certificate holder. The title was stamped with Wonderful Favorites. The rest of the stamping was done with the Embrace Life set. This time I decided to go with a belly band closure. I made the belly band out of a crimped piece of ginger blossom paper with the flower form Embrace Life added to cover the seam. I also added a strip of the same crimped paper to the front of the certificate holder so that when the belly band is on the holder looks like a package wrapped in ribbon. I though it turned out very pretty, so I'll be using this idea again in the future!

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Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous. I want one.