Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Farwell, Outlaw

I think it's rather fitting that on the last day of the Fall/Winter collection I upload a card made with the now retired Outlaw double sided designer paper. I used both sides of one of the designer paper sheets to create the points of the star on a piece of really rust card stock. I added the layered circles into the "blank" squares. I mounted the whole thing onto a sage shadow base and added a greeting flanked by two stars. It's a pretty neat country western look.

Unfortunately I still have not had a chance to figure out who I want to "tag" so I will do that when I have a little more time tomorrow.


dd2njoy said...

Holy smackers Diane,that is pretty neat card!!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

I LOOOVVVVEEEE this. Why wouldn't I since I'm a quilter? Is this for me? My birthday's in May!! *hint, hint*

Sue Duffy said...

Great idea, Diane! You know, we have a new "Outlaw" of sorts - just different colors! Can you tell us how large of a square you started out with in your Designer Paper? TIA