Monday, December 31, 2007

Oh No Another flip book -- and I've been tagged!

It just occurred to me that we have an awful lot of December birthdays in our family. And my cousin and his wife just contributed to the bunch with the birth of their first baby -- a beautiful little girl! Of course any new baby in our family has to have a flip book of her own (find the flip book tutorial here), so I made one for her as part of the baby gift. I've already seen lots of gorgeous pictures of her, so I know her parents will not have any problem filling out the book!

And on another note, my friend Julie from the Pixieshire blog tagged me the other day, so I thought I would tell you yet another 7 random facts about me -- and hope I'm not repeating myself. Here goes:

1. I really dislike olives -- but I love olive oil. go figure!

2. I am so very envious of that guy who makes a living building sculptures out of legos. I adore! legos.

3. I'm not a big jewelry person. Most days I just wear my wedding band, engagement ring and a watch. It takes a really special occasion to see me wearing a necklace, bracelet or earrings.

4. I liked I Am Legend, but for my "end of the world virus" movies I prefer 28 days later.

5. I never, ever, thought I would say this when the announcement came out that Daniel Craig was going to be the new bond, but he may just be the very best Bond ever.

6. I have recently become addicted to the show Top Chef and can't wait for the new season in Chicago. Utensils Down, hands up!

7. One of my New Year's eve traditions is having Chinese food for dinner. Yum!

So I'm off to each some fried rice and eff rolls. I hope you all have a very Happy new Year! I still have to figure out who to tag, but that will have to wait until tomorrow!


Sara C. said...

Diane - this is a new design for me. Would you share how you made this adorable flip book? P.S. I live in Connecticut in the home of Lego-land and I've been to the corporate factory where they're made. The sculptures out front are magnificent, and I agree - wouldn't it be cool to be the ones who do that and get paid! Happy New Year -- Sara C.

Diane said...

Sara -- you canfind the tutorial for the base fo the flip book in this post:

Once you make the base, just decorate as desired. For the flip book in this post I used river rock, apricot appeal and groovy guava from the simply scrappin' "it's a girl" kit, along with the self-adhesive die cuts and designer papers from that kit to decorate the book. But you can easily make the book just using card stock and stamps -- it would just take a little bit more time to decorate.

Juliann said...

I hate olives too, but love olive oil, and I am not a big jewelry wearer either. I haven't seen the new "Will" movie yet I hear it is pretty good...nor have I seen th enew Bond movie either but I can not believe anyone could be better then Sean Connery!!!! That is one sexy Grandpa (hahah)!!!

dd2njoy said...

What a wonderful flip book Diane!!
I'd like to Thank You for the Xmas
card,I rec'd it yest. It's awesome
Diane!! Happy New Year to you and
your family!!!!!

Erin said...

What a cute book!! also top chef is the greatest show!!!! I can't wait for chicago either!