Monday, December 24, 2007

Money Holder Card

Tonight I had to make a money holder birthday card for one of Bill's cousin's kids. He specifically requested cash and that makes sense for a soon to be teenager with a birthday in December. He knows very well that he will get all of the toys he can handle for Christmas and he can use the cash later in the year after the glow of the Christmas stuff wears off.

Anyway, since cash is always a popular gift with kids and adults alike, I thought I would tell you how I made this money holder. I started with a piece of 8.5x11 brilliant blue card stock that i cut down to 9.25x8.5". I scored this piece of card stock along the 8.5" side at 2.75" and 6.5". I then used the 1 3/8" circle punch to punch a hole roughly in the center of the flap measuring 8.5x2.75".

I lined up the cash so the the face of the president could be seen through the hole and held the cash to the flap as I opened the flap. I used an ink pad to keep the bill in place so I could cut and position 4 pieces of sticky strip adhesive.

I lined up 2 pieces of sticky strip adhesive at the edges of the flap and added two more close to the edges of the bill, leaving a little bis of "wiggle" room on each side. I peeled off the red protective strip and adhered the flap to the middle part of the card.

Next I decorated the card. I used a 9" x 3.5" piece of green galore card stock and attached it to the top flap of the card to form the front. I added a strip of yo you yellow card stock stamped with the candles from the Eat Cake Set. I added the confetti motif and happy birthday greeting form Eat Cake to the green card stock. I used the 1.75"x8.5" piece of brilliant blue that I had left over from cutting the card base to form a belly band, and added a 2.5" x3" piece of real red card stock and a 2x2.5" piece of yo yo yellow card stock stamped with the present and ribbon image from the Eat Cake set. I decorated the inside with a strip of yo yo yellow which can be used to jot down the birthday sentiment (you can see this in the first photo, above).
I like this card and I love that it fits into our large open-end envelopes. Unfortunately these envelopes are retiring at the end of the year, so if you like them you do want to call your demonstrator and order them before they're gone.
Anyway, the money holder idea is useful for a multitude of occasions, including Christmas, so I hope this helps some of you out when you're in need of the perfect last-minute gift.


DixieCurl said...

I love this! So simple, yet another of those ideas that just would not have come to me! LOL I love punching a circle so that President's face shows through..... The belly band is also a great extra touch!

Tammy said...

Was searching SCS for money holder card ideas with graduations coming up, and came across a card made by SusieN56 and she linked your tutorial. It's perfect! Exactly what I needed! Thank you!

mitzilynn said...

Great directions! Thank you! Love the ideas esp. the hole for the face on the money .
Thank you