Thursday, June 22, 2017

Clear Mount Stamp Miracle Tip

If space wasn't an issue, all of my stamps sets would be rubber and wood mounted. I know not everyone feels that way, but I personally love the feel of the wood block in my hand. However, for most of us who have been stamping for years, space eventually does become a problem, and the solution is to compromise via rubber stamps that are intended to be temporarily mounted on clear blocks. (For the purposes of this post, I'm ignoring the existence of clear unmounted polymer stamps.)

Trouble is, in my experience (and apparently some others' experience too) the darned so-called "clear-mount" rubber stamps rarely want to stick to the clear blocks. Ugh! My frustration with this grew so bad that at some point I stopped using the clear blocks altogether. Not a good solution. Basically, I tried to avoid my "clear-mount" stamps as much as I could.

But not anymore, thanks to Stampin' Up! demonstrator France Martin a/k/a Frenchie. She recently shared a tip that is so simple yet so practical that I could just hug her. I tried it and it really works! A miracle. My clear mount stamps no longer fall off their clear mount.

Wanna know what the tip is?  Lip Balm. Ah, so mysterious. Since Frenchie shared the tip, it's only fair to send you to her blog for an explanation. If you watch the video and listen to how excited she is in it, that's how excited I was too! Yippee! Thanks, Frenchie!

Now, the miracle is not all encompassing. While your stamps will not fall off the clear block, they have a tendency to slide on the block so it's really important to stamp directly up and down and not to apply too much pressure that might cause the stamp to shift on the block and give you a fuzzy image. This is good stamping practice anyway and a small price to pay for the image actually sticking to the block!

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