Thursday, February 21, 2008

I have the best upline!

Today I saw my friend and upline, Jen, for what will probably be the last time in a long while, because Saturday she's moving to Colorado. I will definitely miss having her here in the same town, but I know we will keep in touch via e-mail and phone and I'm excited for Jen about the opportunities this move represents for her.

Of course, in the midst of packing and running all the other last minute errands that one runs when moving out of state, Jen still thinks about her downline. So when I stopped by to see her today she had a gift for me! Yes, you can see it in the picture. A whole gigantic bag of scraps of every SU color! Now maybe this would not be an exciting gift for some people, but you know me -- I LOVE SCRAPS! And Jen was so cute -- she even put the lovely regal rose bow on the bag!

I had to take another picture so that you could see how many scraps were in the bag! Wow! Soon all of these are going to get sorted and placed into my scrap filing system. Can you think of anything more exciting? I know, I know -- I'm a scrap geek. LOL!

Not that I wouldn't gladly trade all these scraps and all my other scraps to have Jen stay in town, but I gotta hand it to her, she definitely softened the blow with this perfect present.
I'll miss you, Jen! Have a safe trip to Colorado and make sure you keep in touch! And don't forget to recruit Travis!

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Elizabeth said...

gotta love a gift like that!!!!

enjoy! (I know I will when I come over!)