Friday, November 30, 2007

stained glass ornaments

Yes, more stuff for the craft show. I stamped a bunch of these using clear glass ornaments, acetate, stayz-on and my bic permanent markers. These are really a lot of fun and I love them, but I wonder if shoppers wil find them as adorable as I do. that's the really big question around my house tonight -- what will be the big seller and will there be a big seller at all? The weather people are predicting a blizzard for tomorrow. Normally I would be grinning from ear to ear, since I LOVE! snow, but a blizzard does not bode well for a craft show turnout, especially the first blizzard of the season.

Which reminds me of a story. My pet peeve is midwest drivers who every year completely forget how to drive in the snow, which means that the first snowfall of the season inevitably results in horrible traffic back-ups and tie ups and accidents. And if that first snowfall happens to be during a weekday rush hour, forget about it! One year it took me an hour to get home from work during the year's first blizzard. The kicker? I worked 2 miles from my house. Even in the snow, I would have gotten home faster if i got out of the car and walked! But that's not the story. The story is me a couple of years ago at a Target in late November doing some Christmas shopping. I wasn't in the best of moods which is probably why the comment from the check out lady to drive carefully because of the bad weather hit a wrong nerve. "It's just snow" I told her. And it was. Just some nice soft flurries -- nothing was even sticking to the ground! "But it's the first time we've had it" she said. At which point I said, probably too loudly and pointedly "This year!" As in, we do not live in Hawaii where snowfall may be so rare that a snowflake in the air may constitute one of those "do you remember where you were when you first saw snow?" moments. I mean we get snow every year -- not exactly anything to write home about! Of course the sad part was that she was absolutely right to warn me -- no matter how many winters they may have spent in Illinois, each year the first snow seems to turn drivers' brains to mush.

OK, ok, enough with the Bright Sarcastic Diane moment (Tracy, are you reading this? Yup, I may be happy and positive but the sarcasm is always right there below the surface trying hard to bubble to the top!). Here are a couple more ornaments. I really like the way the glitter filled ornaments look in real life, but they are nearly impossible to photograph well. Sorry! For photos I really prefer the ornaments filled with fake snow, like the penguin ornament in the background.

And here is the final ornament of the night. I like this one -- it's very to the point. This ornament says "Santa, please bring me just one ginormous present and make it good!" LOL!

OK, time to get going. I have to get up bright and early to pick up my mom and proceed to the show. Here's hoping the blizzard will at least hold off until the car's been unloaded. Cross your fingers for me!


Holly said...

good luck on your show!

dd2njoy said...

Those are fabulous Diane!!! Have fun at your craft fair,sell lots lots lots of stuff,lol.
Btw,I tried stamping on glass,on a mason jar to see how it would turn out...hey it's pretty cute,so I think I will decorate it and put candy canes in it for the holidays.
I am learning sooo much from your blog,mouaaahhhhh!!!! Thanks Diane!