Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pocket Gift Card Holder

Hubris a/k/a/ excessive pride. The downfall of every hero and villain alike. A reminder from every famous playwrights that it's not good to be overly pleased with one's own accomplishments. Maybe that's why I feel a little nervous when I like a card I created as much as I like this one? But what can I do -- I'm in love.

This is the pocket gift card holder we'll be making at my Pick-A-Pocket Card Techniques class this month. Designing this card was so much fun! It wasn't easy, mind you -- there were a lot of false starts, but the final product came out even better than what I had in mind.

From the start I knew the fold I wanted to use, so that was the easiest part. I also knew I would need some sort of a flower or large element to help with the card closure. I decided to reach back to the Office Accoutrement stamp set, which was one of my favorites from last year's spring mini catalog and, fortunately, made it into the fall-winter collection. My colors would be purely pomegranate and certainly celery. I also wanted to use the faux shaving cream technique on the larger flower image and I love how that turned out!

Basically the fold of the card forms a pocket into which you insert a separate card stamped with the greeting and augmented by a strip punched to hold a gift card. In this picture you can see what the insert looks like outside of the pocket with the gift card in place.

And this is what the recipient would see after the gift card has been removed. Really, it's a pretty neat card and with the holidays coming up fast this particular card layout could be just the thing to take a gift card from generic to WOW!

Click here to see details on this month's card technique classes and to find out how you can learn to make this and three other pocket cards, including the double pocket card shown in the post below!

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Lisa said...

Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous! I absolutely love it. What a WOW card! I wish I could take your class! Just awesome. TFS! :)