Saturday, October 6, 2007

Happy World Card Making Day!

So what did you do today? I sure hope that between chores and errands and all the other stuff you had to get done today there was just a little bit of time to make at least one card.

I was actually pretty lucky in that I had a chance to stamp quite a few projects. Of course, I won't show you everything today, because the upcoming week is going to be busy and I want to have some uploads in reserve just in case there are evenings when I *gasp!* can't stamp. But I can show you this silly little card I stamped for today's inspiration challenge on SCS.

I do not normally participate in the inspiration challenge, but when I saw this photo of Pottery Barn bedding I knew I would not be able to resist. So I grabbed my pick-a-petal set and came up with this card.

The final product is not exactly what I saw in my head and I wish I had the time to re-stamp it to do a better job with the spacing, but overall I think the card invokes the spirit of the bedding, which is all I wanted. And Liz, if you're reading this, the only thing that was cut out was the large flower center and a couple of petals for masking. So this is very nearly a single layer card.

Tune in tomorrow when I unveil my new Season of Joy stamp class by mail offer. All the samples have been made and all photos taken, so you'll be able to see the cards you can make in the comfort of your own home! See you then!


Jill said...

Beautiful card Diane, and perfect match to the Pottery Barn bedding. I love it.

dd2njoy said...

Lovely card Diane!!!