Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Thanks everyone for your kind thoughts! I just wanted to give you an update. Stewie is still with us. He's a fighter. Yesterday he was so weak he even turned down a strawberry and cheerios -- usually his favorite treats -- so we thought for sure he was "ready to go." But this morning he started eating the lettuce I gave him for breakfast, so we decided that if he is still fighting we'll help him as much as we can. I fed him a syringe-full of squash baby food mixed with pineapple juice (our vet's recommendation), both for the nutrients and the liquid, which he has not been getting enough of. It wasn't his favorite thing, but he accepted it. So now we wait again to see what happens. (ETA -- feeding a bunny by syringe is the equivalent of bottle feeding -- we didn't inject him with baby food, just in case that's what my original phrasing sounded like.)

In the meantime, I have doctors' appointments with my MIL, so at least he will have some time when people aren't looking in on him every few minutes and bothering him. Maybe the time alone will do him good.

And my MIL is doing well. We have some follow up appointments with various doctors but she is feeling OK, so it's just routine follow-ups at this point. It's just that she has her right hand in a cast and can't drive or a lot of the normal stuff with just her left hand, so we feel better having her stay with us.

I'll try to post another update tonight. Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Diane! I'm so glad to hear Stewie is doing better!!!!! Yippee! Hang in there, take one thing at a time and take care of yourself, too!

See you soon, Trina

Elizabeth said...

hang in there Diane! I will keep Stew and your MIL in my thoughts!

rough weekend!

talk to you soon

Diane said...

I'm still thinking about all of you,hang in there girl!