Thursday, April 24, 2008

Thursday morning update

Well, the emotional roller coaster that is called Stewie continues at our house this morning. Yesterday was like Monday all over again. No eating or pooping the entire day. When Bill came home from work we gave him another syringe full of baby food and one full of water. It seems like that ook effect afgew hours later and by the time we let him out to run around upstairs at night (we ususally let him run around at least 1 hour every night) he ate up the parsley Bill brought up for him plus another batch. He also ate some of his books and boxes (I know tis sounds weird, but the fiber from the paper and cardboard is actually good for him) and even some hay. This morning we found about 1/2 of his nighttime lettuce eatedn and there were actually new "deposits" in the litter box. So clearly this is all positive stuff. But we've seen him get better before (Tuesday) and then relapse (yesterday) so I'm not sure what to think this time. We'll let him have a morning without the baby food and see what happens.

The highs and lows of all this are really wearing me out, but I think we've decided that we'll keeop him going through the weekend one way or another. Tomorrow is Bill's Good Friday and Sunday is his Easter, and it just doesn't seem right to make any major life or death decisions during that holiday. So we'll see what happens over the next four days. I'll be talking with the vet today to see if there's anything else we can do for Stew in the meantime.

I am ready to go back to stamping. Today we don't have any outside appointments so ther than dyeing Easter eggs the day is clear and I'll see if I can produce something new. I saw a new Coldwater Creek catalog in the mail so maybe that will help if I'm stuck.

Thank you all again for your encouragement. I especially want to thank Loretta for her suggestions on how to get Stewie "moving" again. He seems to be OK in that respect right now, but I'll keep your suggestion in mind because we never know what will be happening in a couple of hours. I really appreciate you all thinking about us!

Hopefully I'll be back tonight with something new for you to look at. Oh, and before I forget, if you're in the Itasca area, this weekend is the Friends of the Itasca Communty Library used book sale. The book sale is in the librayr at 500 West Irving Park Road, Itasca (corner of Irving Park and Catalpa, next to the fire station.) Tonight, 5:30-8:00 is the preview night -- free for friends and $5.00 admission charge for everyone else. Tomorrow through Sunday there is no admission fee. Friday and Saturday the hours are 9-4:30 and Sunday 1-5. I'll be there tomorrow and some time Friday afternoon. Hope those of you who live in the area can stop by -- you can't get a better deal on used books!

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