Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another 3D star tip

I received an e-mail today from Sue Duffy. Sue is also a Stampin' Up! demonstrator, from Mooresville, Indiana (you can find her at,) and has been reading my blog for a while (Thank you!). The greatest thing is that Sue not only reads the blog, she is actually inspired by some of my posts to create projects of her own. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome and rewarding it is to get an e-mail from someone who used one of my tutorials or projects as a springboard for their own creativity. So that alone merits Sue another huge Thank you!

But of course it gets better, because Sue not only told me about trying out my tutorial, she also shared a helpful tip, complete with pictures. rather than speak for her, I'll just copy down Sue's message:

"I could not get my star to stay in place when trying your tutorial today and was getting very frustrated! Then, light bulb - rare for me. I have attached pictures of what I did to keep the star in place while scoring it. (I guess this is my first tutorial!) I centered the point in the trimmer blade track and slid the star down, placing the bottom points up against the bottom "bumper" on the trimmer. I marked where my center was - on mine the easiest place to read seemed to be on the metric side of the track, at 29 - and I scored from the point IN to the center (29). It did not seem to damage the points of the star and the "bumper" held the punched star in place! I just did the same thing at each point. "

So there you have it. I think Sue's idea is absolutely brilliant and can really save you a lot of scoring frustration. Great job, Sue and thanks so much for sharing. I'm sure we'd all love to see your finished card as well!


Sara C. said...

Another helpful hint that I learned last year: attach your small item to the sticky side of a post-it note. This works for scoring, as well as punching on a small shape (e.g., a circle from inside a scallop). Thanks, as always, for all you do!
Sara C.

Sue Duffy said...

Such kudos, Diane! Thanks. My project is going to be your Jersey Shore project, 'cause I just love that paper and what you did with it!

Melody (lacyquilter) said...

Something else you may want to try. You don't need to find the center and only score to the points. You can score all the way across from outside point to inside point. Then when you fold, the smaller sections get pushed and folded the opposite way. Diane, I know you like to use all SU, but I found my new Score-Pal worked better for the scoring, because I could easily hold the star in place with one hand while using the score tool with the other.