Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thank you so much!

I just wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone who posted a commet or wrote me an e-mail or both yesterday and today! Last night I was so distraught. I spent nearly an hour with my friend Jen (who recently lost a fur baby of her own) just bawling my eyes out, convinced that we were going to lose Stew. This mornign there was a little ray of hope when he started eating on his own and all of your messages really helped too -- knowing that I had so many freinds out there who were puling for us was huge! I believe in the power of positive thoughts and enery and prayer and I think Stewie definitely benefitted fromall of that today. So thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now, for the update. We fed Stewie 2.5 more syringes full of squash baby food diluted with water. In addition, he started eating some greens and hay by himself and, best of all, he started pooping! Without getting into details that you all probably do not want to know, in order to stay alive a bunny needs to keep his very fast metabolism going, which means that he has to eat and he has to poop. Bunnies cannot regergitate, so the only way they can get rid of waste products is by pooping, and if they are blocked they can die as quickly as in 24 hours. Last night Stewie was going on 36 hours of nearly total blockage and almost no eating, so we had little hope that he would pull out of it. But tonight he's in better spirits and his metabolism seems to be returning to normal. He's not quite all there yet, so we're being very cautious in our optimism, but at least tonight recovery seems like a possibility.

The next big test will be what we'll find in his cage tomorrow morning. If his nightime lettuce is gone and is replaced by "deposits" in his litter box, then we're probably on the road to recovery. On the other hand if, as for the past two mornings, all of the greens are still there and the litter box is empty, then it will be another day of baby food and prayers. So please, just keep thinking those positive thoughts and cross your fingers! I'll post an update tomorrow!

Also, lets you think we're ignoring my Mom-in-law to concentrate on the bunny, her doctor's visit went fine today -- no hidden injuries other than the ones we already knew about! She is looking much better and is in good spirits, except for worryingabout her fur grandchild. For the past few years she has been our designated bunny sitter, staying with Stewie here pretty much every time we're on vacation, so she's pretty fond of him and he of her. While I wish the circumstances were a bit different (i.e. no accident for her) I am glad that she has been here with us this week! As sad and distraught as I was yesterday and today, it would have been twice as bad if I was home alone.

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